Taps and Snaps | What Breweries Say

Suzie Ford, Owner, President, NoDa Brewery:

"Wendy's got a keen eye to capture that perfect moment without any major set up or planning. She just has "it" and seems to be in the right place, at the right time, without getting in the way! She's a long time craft beer lover and understands the personalities of beers, brewers and craft beer fans allowing her to get that special shot."

Benjamin Flattum III, Mpls/St. Paul Sales Mgr, Fulton Brewery:

"Wendy has an eye for catching the passion of a brewery. She knows what to look for and, for us, brought out the personality of the brewers and brand perfectly."

Jenny Sassman, Sales, Birdsong Brewing:

"Wendy's combined knowledge and passion for craft beer enables her to truly capture the essence of the creativity and hard work that goes into the craft beer industry. Her photography is special to us because it bridges the gap between two very different forms of art."